Why Team Rempel

Ed Rempel & Associates is comprised of a team of financial planners who provide personalized, professional advice, not “quackery”. “Quackery” is our term for a sales pitch made to look like financial advice. We are not sales people. As a matter of fact, we are an independent firm which means we have no bias to an in-house “product shelf” and all our team invest the same as our clients (within investor risk tolerance).

Ask any of our clients what it is they believe separates us from other planners; they’ll say “They tell me what I need to hear – not what I want to hear.” We try to give you the best advice to achieve your life goals, which isn’t always the most “popular”. We call the popular, feel good advice “placebo advice”. Real advice is harder to dispense but it’s the right thing to do.


It’s not about money. It’s about your life.

We are focused on understanding your life goals and how we can help you achieve your goals through various strategies and investments. Because we need to help you achieve your life goals, we know the rate of return you need to have the life you want, which usually involves the majority of your long term investments being in equities. Through our extensive research, we understand the reasons to have strong faith in equities as a long term strategy and we are confident in our “All Star Fund Managers”.


Other reasons to choose us:

  • “One plan. One planner”. Working with one planner that knows and optimizes your entire plan is the key to successful financial planning.
  • Investing with “All Star Fund Managers” – the world’s best investors. Our investing process is entirely focused on identifying the best investors.  Every member of our team invests with the same fund managers we recommend for our clients.
  • Smith Manoeuvre Experts – The Smith Manoeuvre is a strategy to help you invest for your future without using your cash flow. There are 7 different Smith Manoeuvre Strategies, including 2 that we developed – “Debt Miracle” and “Rempel Maximum”.  Visit the Smith Manoeuvre section to read more about this strategy
  • Unique tax strategies to optimize your financial progress, build wealth faster, minimize tax, maximize income for seniors and optimize tax and profits for business owners ;
  • Long term focus – We look at 20-30 year time periods or longer, based on your life goals; .
  • Personal tax preparation and e-file.
  • No fee for professional, comprehensive, written financial plan or on-going reviews for our clients.
  • Personal coaching to help you achieve equilibrium between life, work and money.



With customized life planning and investing in strategies that actually work, our team takes the time to listen and create what is important to you.

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