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Must See Video – “The 6 Steps to Become Financially Independent”

What will it take for you to become financially free? To have enough money that you never have to work again? This video is my insight into the few key ideas you really need to know. It is an overview to give you the big picture of what really works. Some of these...

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Rempel Maximum – 5 Steps to Becoming a Multi-Millionaire

Remember the show “Who wants to be a millionaire?” Are you the kind of person that wants to build some serious wealth? Live an exceptional life? Be financially free? I don’t mean just a comfortable amount. I mean a lot – like being a multi-millionaire. The truth is,...

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My name is Ed Rempel and I am the main Wise Guy on this site. I am a financial blogger with a ton of real life financial planning experience. I am passionate about writing and driven to share my insights.

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