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I'm the main Wise Guy on this site. I am a financial blogger, fee-for-service financial planner and tax accountant with a ton of real life financial planning experience.

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When can I Retire with the Lifestyle I Want?

Financial freedom. It is what we really want. You need a Retirement Plan to get there. It will not happen...
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Smith Manoeuvre

The Smith Manoeuvre – Is your mortgage tax deductible? The Smith Manoeuvre is an efficient strategy to use equity in...
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How to Easily Outperform Investment Advisors & Robo-Advisors

Investment advisors and robo-advisors have a massive disadvantage – they are short-term thinkers. You can easily outperform them by learning...
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I'm committed to helping you with your finances.

I am passionate about writing and I'm driven to share my insights. Welcome to my discussion forum. This is a resource for people looking to learn how to achieve financial freedom. This is also the place you can get real answers to those financial issues that have been on your mind.

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Financial Myth Busters

There are many myths about the stock market. From a financial planning perspecitve, the most important one is that the long term returns of the stock market (20-30 years) are far more consistent than most people believe....

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