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The Bubble You Never Even Thought Was A Bubble: Dividends

Here is a good article about a fund manager avoiding today’s dividend bubble. The riskiest stocks today are “safe stocks”. Let’s be clear. We are in a dividend bubble. People are buying over-valued companies only because of a high dividend. With interest rates so low, investors are searching for a higher yield. Just like the…

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Election-Proof your Portfolio??

With the US election all over the news, I have seen a bunch of articles on how to protect your portfolio. Is trying to protect your portfolio before an upcoming news event a good idea? Trying to protect your portfolio before a known event is likely a money-losing strategy. That’s not how the market works.…

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Profound retirement plan idea – Victory Lap Retirement

I just read Jonathan Chevreau’s new book, “Victory Lap Retirement”. It is a profound concept to make your life fulfilling. Semi-retire to do what you love. Many Canadians will have to semi-retire, because they have no financial plan, are not saving nearly enough and not investing to a plan. It is brilliant to include a…

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