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Should I start my CPP early? – Real-Life Examples

The most common CPP question I am asked is: “Is it smart to take my CPP early?” Prefer an overview? Like videos? Check out our whiteboard video, or read the full post below! A quick review of the facts: The maximum CPP benefit in 2017 at age 65 is $1,092.50 per month, or $13,110 per…

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Perspective on a Trump Government

After last night’s US election result, everyone is asking why Trump won and what this means for the US and the world. I have been reading about this all day and came across this insightful perspective from a particularly intelligent fund manager:   “Last night’s election results remind me of the1971 Monty Python album “And…

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Self-Made Dividends – Dividend Investing Perfected

Dividend or income investors, here are the fundamental facts on how to save tax. Would you like to receive dividends of any amount you want from your non-registered investments, and pay less tax than on ordinary dividends? You can easily do this with a little planning and proper understanding of investments. Self-made dividends are a…

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