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Above Index Returns – How to Beat the Index

I went to a Leafs game with my annoying friend, Andrew. I think the Leafs are finally building a proper team of the future with talented rookies and a great coach. Andrew doesn’t believe it. He doesn’t believe anybody is above average. I said: “Really? You don’t think Auston Matthews is above average? It’s been…

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Drawing Retirement Income is a Science

I was recently interviewed by the Globe and Mail about my research on how much you can safely withdraw from your investments after you retire. I analyzed 150 years or actual data on stock & bond markets and inflation to find out the exact success rates of different withdrawal amounts and methods. I found that…

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Rempel Maximum – The Story of Joe & Rich

How can your life really be different if you focus on maximum wealth-building principles? It’s not about the money. It’s about your life. This story is an extreme version of the life of an ordinary person managing his money exceptionally. I’ll explain the concepts in my next article, “Rempel Maximum – 5 Steps to Becoming…

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