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Smith Manoeuvre or Smith Maneuver?

Why the two spellings and which is correct? This strategy (which I’m most known for), helps Canadian homeowners make their mortgages tax deductible in a simple way. What’s the proper spelling? Who pioneered this legal strategy? Does it work in Quebec? Can you use it if you live in the United States? All these questions…

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Why You Need A Growth Mindset

If there is one video you should watch of mine – it’s this one. It is my underlying outlook on life and financial planning. This is the outlook that leads to financial success. In my latest YouTube video, you’ll learn about the differences between a fear-based mindset and a growth mindset, and how wealthy people…

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Using Your Corporation As Your Retirement Fund

Can you fund your retirement from your corporation? That’s the question I answer in my latest video specifically for business owners. This is part # 2 of the video I did last week, where I go deeper into tax-efficient investment strategies when owning a corporation. It may seem complicated (if you’re talking to your accountant),…

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