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What will it take for you to become financially free? To have enough money that you never have to work again?

The 6 Steps to Become Financially Independent video is my insight into the few key ideas you really need to know. It is an overview to give you the big picture of what really works. Some of these ideas are not the conventional wisdom. They are the ideas that give you results over time.

“To have unconventional success, you can’t be guided by conventional wisdom.” (David Swenson)

I learned these 6 steps from working with nearly 1,000 families to create detailed, personal plans for them to become financially independent.

I am a fee-for-service financial planner, tax accountant and expert in a few of the most effective strategies that might help you get there. I have helped thousands of Canadians become financially secure. Their Financial Plan becomes the GPS to the life they want to live.

This video is only as long as one TV show and is your best 50 minutes of financial education.

“The 6 Steps to Become Financially Independent”

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“Ed Rempel Interview on his Financial Planning Practice”

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