My name is Ed Rempel CPA, CMA, CFP.  The main Wise Guy on this site. I am a financial blogger, fee-for-service financial planner and tax accountant with a ton of real life financial planning experience. I love sharing my insights from experience.

Unconventional Wisdom is the #1 blog in Canada for a full service financial planner for a reason. It's not the usual yada yada. It's insights from experience on what really works. What really works is rarely conventional.

Here you will learn how to achieve security and freedom. This is also the place you can get real answers to those financial issues that have been on your mind. Read my personal About Me profile here.

Unconventional Wisdom

I see things differently. I see from experience what does and what doesn’t make people successful with their money. I am a fee-for-service financial planner that has seen the complete finances of thousands of Canadians. One of my favourite things to do is to point out false facts – the conventional wisdom most people believe that just is not true or that is less than optimal. Read the Unconventional Wisdom articles to see my version of humour.

Being a former industry insider, I see “financial quackery” – sales pitches made to look like advice. Most advisors pretend to do financial planning and use “placebo advice” (feel-good bad advice), The investment industry consistently markets the wrong products and creates the worst products, especially for high net worth investors. Pointing out industry shortcomings is fun!

I also see what the industry does right – and how to find quality products and advice. The media is mostly “financial porn” – short-term thinking and focused on a few hot-button issues. It is a keeper of the “conventional wisdom” I like to poke fun at.

Come to this site to find out what’s wise and what’s not. "To have unconventional success, you can't be guided by conventional wisdom." - David Swenson


I am always thrilled to see my name on a list of top bloggers and money influencers. I sincerely hope that I am influencing Canadians to make smarter financial decisions. I love sharing my insights based on experience into what really works, not on the conventional wisdom. Recognition includes:


I built one of the largest financial planning firms in Canada and found there was hardly any competition for my practice. People look at me funny when I say that, but it’s true. I attribute my success to focusing on financial planning. Most advisors focus on selling investments. You do not need an investment salesperson. You need someone to focus on your life and what you want from it. Someone to help them make smart decisions.

My experience includes:

  • 25 years as a fee-for-service financial planner professional.
  • 36 years as a tax accountant.
  • 12 years as a guest author on the popular Million Dollar Journey blog.
  • Building one of the largest financial planning practices in Canada.
  • Writing comprehensive and personal financial plans for more than 1,000 families.
  • Helping more than 600 clients implement and follow their financial plans.
  • Managing more than $100 million in investments.
  • Writing courses on financial planning & investing, and educating 216 financial advisors at the largest credit unions.
  • Expert in several effective strategies, such as the 8-Year GIS Strategy, the Smith Manoeuvre, Lifecycle Investing (sometimes called “Smith Manoeuvre for renters” or “Smith Manoeuvre for Millennials”), the Cash Dam, and the Rempel Maximum, RRSP top-up, and tax strategies for self-employed and retirees.
  • Creator of the "8-Year GIS Strategy" and the “Rempel Maximum” strategy.
  • Completing the Certified Hedge Fund Specialist program with the highest mark in Canada.
  • Semi-retiring in my 50s to focus on my passion for writing. I want to make a difference for Canadians.

I have been covered in many publications, including the #1 industry publication for financial planners, the Investment Executive:

  • Financial Literacy, the Web Way - Interview about how I used social media to educate. This appeared on the front cover of the #1 industry publication.
  • Winning Strategies - Video interview about my passion for educating the public through blogs and webinars.


  • CFP - Certifed Financial Planner professional.
  • CPA, CMA. Tax Accountant. Chartered Professional Accountant. (Top mark in Manitoba level 3)
  • CHFS - Certified Hedge Fund Specialist. (Top mark in Canada)


I constantly receive impromptu testimonials and thank yous. Here are are just a few comments from clients.


I often write for leading publications and websites, and have been interviewed for many articles. You can read them here:

Ed Rempel - Media Page


I am a financial blogger and fee-for-service financial planner in the Toronto area. I love writing and blogging to educate and entertain. I love talking finance. I also love reading, ever since taking a speed-reading course, and have 9 full bookshelves. I am fascinated by physics and space. I am loyal to my Toronto Argonauts and the Leafs. (They really will be better next year.) I enjoy learning, theatre, fine dining, cruises, and good company.

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Let’s start a discussion. Please ask questions or comment below the articles – and send me your feedback, topic suggestions and burning financial issues. Please note that while I am a financial planner, nothing on this site can be considered advice. I don’t know your situation or whether any insight, no matter how wise, is a good idea for you specifically. Consider this site to be your source for experienced, quality, professional insight. Find out what’s wise and what’s not.

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  • Watch my 50-minute video: “The 6 Steps to Become Financially Independent”. It is an overview of what you really need to know to become financially independent. This is a ‘must see’ video with the core of my experience.
  • Watch my 13-minute video about me and the advice & services my team and I provide at the bottom of this page: client/.

If you think you might need some help to achieve your life goals, I have a ton of experience and provide personalized, unbiased, comprehensive advice. My services are explained here: client/.

Ed Rempel   Fee-For-Service Financial Planner and Tax Accountant


  1. Ed Rempel on November 29, 2022 at 4:38 PM

    Hi Ingrid,

    No, I was born in Winnipeg. Never been to Kapuskasing. My name is relatively common. I know 3 other guys names Ed Rempel.


  2. Ingrid Newell on November 29, 2022 at 7:31 AM

    Were you born or raised near Kapuskasing (Ontario) Canada? If so, do you have information regarding that area. I was born (77 years ago) in Kapuskasing and I would like some information on a town called Ressor. I believe it no longer exists. I got your name from some people that live in Kapuskasing and were camping near our camp site in August this year. I now live in Australia and do not know anything about my birthplace. Please let me know whom I could contact if I am on the wrong street. Thank you.

  3. Ed Rempel on January 18, 2022 at 12:05 AM

    Thanks so much for taking the time to write your kind words, Piere & Krista. Having a quality retirement plan and effective strategies & investments makes a huge difference to retirements. You see how your Financial Plan gives you confidence, security and freedom.

    We find it so rewarding seeing how much of a difference we make in our clients’ lives. Thanks again, Pierre & Krista.


  4. Pierre Quenneville on October 28, 2021 at 4:21 PM

    Hi Ed,
    Back in December of 2019 I was uncertain of our path towards retirement. Scared, actually. About to turn 61 and constantly being disappointed by the last three financial advisors we used over the last 30 years, I did not know where to turn and was certainly nowhere near retirement. Then, I came across your website and was struck by an authenticity and uniqueness that seemed to ring true. (No hollow notes) After reading your website ‘cover-to-cover’ and watching all the videos and then mulling it over, I spoke to my good wife and we decided to book an appointment in January of 2020. Twenty months later, it is now 2021 and the financial returns based on your sound advice and expert plan have born fruit! My wife and I can now look forward to a good retirement until age 100. Lol!
    Sage investment advice like yours (and your knowledgable staff) is like finding a ‘diamond in the rough’.
    Thank you so much!

    Pierre & Krista

  5. abbyy finereader on April 30, 2018 at 10:58 AM

    This is amazing!

  6. Ed Rempel on January 28, 2018 at 10:49 AM

    Hi Kimo,

    I replied to you on Retire Happy, as well. When you are about to retire, a Financial Plan gives you confidence that you will be okay.

    I agree with you. Most advisors will recommend making your investments more conservative than they were, which might feel safer, but in fact increases your risk of running out of money. I have done the research. Effecitvely structuring your Retirement Plan gives you all 3 benefits: a more reliable income, a higher income and lower taxes.

    In short, more confidence that you will never run out of money and more to spend to enjoy your life.


  7. Kimo on January 26, 2018 at 8:19 AM

    Hi Ed,

    Left you a comment on the Retire Happy web site also. Would like to create a financial plan with you for my self and my companion. I find the BIG bank advisors are all about keeping our nest egg not spending it as retirement years roll forward.

    Hope to hear back from you.

  8. Ed Rempel on January 23, 2018 at 6:36 PM

    Hi Jim,

    I offer my financial planning and full service advice for both retirees and pre-retirees. As long as you are serious about planning the finances related to the life you want.

    We can start with a Free 30-minute consultation so that I can understand what you are looking for and we can decide whether or not it makes sense for us to work together. The link is here: .


  9. JIM REICKER on January 23, 2018 at 2:21 PM

    I am retired but am looking for a review of my financial situation. Do you consult only with pre-retirees or will you also consider retirees?


    jim r

  10. Jere Eye on April 26, 2017 at 6:16 AM

    Hey, Awesome stuff. I am keen to read a lot more of your work.

  11. Ed Rempel on April 6, 2017 at 9:52 AM

    Hi MJ,

    Maybe. I am looking at some options. We recorded it, but there are a couple issues with the recording. Check back in a few days.

    I have a list of people that couldn’t make it and asked for another option to view it.

    We might also do another webinar soon. I’ll post what we decide here.


  12. Mj Gumayagay on April 5, 2017 at 1:36 PM

    Hi Ed,

    I registered for your webinar held April 4th, but was unable to view it because I was moving to a new house and I wasn’t able to get connected at the time.

    Would you have a copy of the webinar for those who registered but were unable to view it?


  13. […] article on the topic or in the Huddle open forum. To understand why I see things differently, read About Me. If you love learning about and discussing finance, start with Must Read and Strategies. To keep […]

  14. Ed Rempel on November 30, 2016 at 5:28 PM

    Hi Wynne,

    I am a fee-only financial planner and work with clients across Canada. Having clients at longer distances has never been an issue.

    Being able to meet face-to-face is a bit of a plus, but we can be almost as effective with conference calls, video calls, email and online meetings available to us. Even my local Toronto clients meet mostly on the phone or line, rather than in person because of the convenience.

    I would suggest to you that the quality of advice is the most important issue.

    I have some special expertise in this area. The first step is to decide on your desired retirement lifestyle and decide exactly how best to achieve it. For example, how long does your husband need to work before he can retire and you both have the lifestyle you want?

    Second, I have done my own in-depth analysis of withdrawal strategies and how to maximize them with the least tax, and be sustainable for the rest of your life. Traditional methods that rely on income result in lower retirement income and actually have a higher chance of running out of money in retirement.

    Third, there are a variety of government programs that are clawed back based on income. Planning how much of your income is taxable can help you avoid these clawbacks.

    There are several options for how we could work together. They are here: . In your case, if you are not completely clear exactly on your exact desired retirement lifestyle, the “Basic Unified Financial Plan” is probably the right choice. If you essentially know what you are doing and just want to discuss some questions you have, then the “Discussions without a written plan” may suffice.

    Making the right decisions here can be provide you with thousands of dollars every year of extra income or reduced tax for the rest of your life. I would suggest to make sure you get the best possible answer.

    If you send me a message in the “Work with Me” page ( ), it is confidential. Leave me your contact details if you would like to discuss this, Wynne.


  15. Wynne Anne Meaney on November 30, 2016 at 3:58 PM

    I’ve just happened upon your site and like what I am reading. Do you have recommendations for fee only financial planners in Atlantic Canada (I live in Halifax). I am recently retired and manage my own high six figure portfolio. I’ll have to start tapping into my investments soon and would like advice on tax strategies and repositioning my portfolio for the future withdrawals (not a big rush here as my husband is still working).

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