Fee-For-Service Advice

Do you want to be financially secure and free to live the life you want? Ever wonder if there is a cool strategy out there that is perfect for you?

Hi, I’m Ed, your personal Financial Guru.

I am a fee-for-service financial planner and an expert in many cool strategies. I work with a dynamic team of financial planning specialists that I have personally selected & trained.

In one step, we work with you to figure out the solution to all your financial worries, help you decide on the life you want, and put you on the optimal path to get there.

This one step is creating your Financial Plan. A Financial Plan is a GPS for your life. Having a Financial Plan is life the difference between driving with a GPS and driving without one (and not being clear on your goal). You can be confident that you are on the best route to the life you want.

We will prepare your plan for a fee, which means you can be confident our advice is professional and objective.

The first step is to sit down with you to find out what is really important to you and to help you figure out exactly what’s important to you for your life and your future.

Your plan might include cool strategies for which we are the experts, such as the Smith Manoeuvre, Lifecycle Investing, Cash Dam, RRSP top-ups, creative RRSP strategies, effective use of corporations, clawback strategies for seniors, optimizing your tax deductions based on tax brackets every year, and other tax-reduction strategies for people with high incomes, business owners and seniors.

Once you have your written Plan, you can implement it yourself, or if you prefer full service, we can help you implement your Plan in the most effective way with the best out-performing portfolio manager for you, work with you over the years to review your life goals, make sure you are on track, prepare your personal tax returns, and be your Financial Guru for any financial issue in your life.

Full Service gives you confidence with your finances.

The “Planning with Ed” experience is about your life, not just your money. People with no interest in finance find it interesting.

A “Unified Financial Plan” from Ed Rempel is not like other financial plans.

  • It is truly personalized, comprehensive, and may include unique ideas or strategies.
  • The process is interactive. We work through various possible life scenarios together. Would you rather work longer and retire more comfortably or retire earlier? Work an extra year so you can afford one more trip every year in retirement? In our main planning meeting, we can quickly and easily compare any scenarios you may consider to help you make the right choice for your life.
  • Typically, there are 7-9 pages custom-written for you, plus 15-20 pages of supporting details on your life goals.

We have extensive experience from writing over 1,000 comprehensive, personalized, financial plans. We have very creative minds and may come up with unique ideas to help you achieve your life goals.

Once you have your Financial Plan, you will see the benefit is very significant. Creating your financial plan:

  • Will allow you to clearly plan the life you want.
  • Will clarify what you need to do to have the future you want. You will know how much you need to save and exactly what is priority.
  • The most significant piece is your retirement plan. Your retirement plan will tell you when you will be financially independent and can retire with the lifestyle you want.
  • Your financial plan will be professionally-prepared and comprehensive, covering all areas of your finances. You will feel in control of your finances and know that all parts are working together.

Here are comments from clients. 

An in-depth study by CIRANO showed that people that have a Financial Plan that includes a retirement plan have on average 4.2 times the investments of people without advice (after adjusting for age, income and almost 50 other demographic factors). This is also my experience in seeing the complete finances of thousands of Canadians. People with a Plan make the right decisions much more often, have a long term oulook and tend to be far more financially secure. They are living with a GPS. To understand this, please read “2 Things you must Focus on to become Financially Secure

Complex “Unified Financial Plan”

$7,500 & HST
  • • Suitable for self-employed with corporations, multiple rental properties, multiple unique strategies, or maximum growth leverage strategies.
  • • Comprehensive written Financial Plan with our “interactive” process.
  • • $5,000 + HST if you become a Full Service client

Basic "Unified Financial Plan"

$6,000 & HST
  • • Suitable for most people.
  • • Comprehensive written Financial Plan with our “interactive” process.
  • • $3,500 + HST if you become a Full Service client

Retirement Optimal Income Plan

$5,000 & HST
  • • Suitable for you if you are retired or about to retire. Setup your retirement income for the maximum reliable income with lowest lifetime tax. Not saving for retirement.
  • • $2,500 + HST if you become a Full Service client

Full service options for implementing and managing your plan


Once you have your Unified Financial Plan, the key to achieving the security and freedom you want in your life is to manage it by following all the action steps, review it regularly to monitor your progress, and revise it when your life or lifestyle changes.

Financial planning

Full Service includes implementing your Plan, on-going reviews, investments with elite portfolio managers, preparing your personal tax returns (conditions apply) and you having a Financial Guru whenever you have any financial question.

Portfolio management

We have a variety of investment management options, all of which involve exceptional portfolio managers that have long-term track records of beating their index since inception after all fees. Our skill with investing is identifying elite All Star Fund Managers.

We try to pay for ourselves entirely from your investments, by working only with portfolio managers where we are confident they should outperform their index over the long-term after all fees, including the fund manager’s fees and mine. Then you can be confident that the benefits of our financial planning advice are entirely value-added.

Our Full Service fee is 1% of your investments (fee-based), regardless of which investment option we decide on.

Referral to one of Canada’s best portfolio managers:

"All Star Fund Manager" Portfolio Manager

Suitable for most people. Looking for best long term returns.

Portfolio of world’s elite fund managers. 

All have long-term track records outperforming their index after fees.

You can see actual past returns since inception here.

The "All Star Fund Manager Portfolio" is specifically designed to ourperform the major stock market indexes.

.4% of your investments (fee-based) + HST, reduced for larger accounts (proportionate to our fee).

"Index Plus" Portfolio Manager

Suitable for people looking for low fee or index investing. Unique pay-for-performance compensation model.

Track record includes beating the major indexes (TSX60, S&P500, EAFE & MSCI EM) by 1-7%/year for 10 years before fees.

The “Index Plus Program” is specifically designed to outperform ETFs or index investing. Rare portfolio manager willing to make almost all of his compensation based on out-performance.

Portfolio manager charges only .25% plus 20% of return above index.

In non-registered accounts, fees are fully tax deductible.

Fees are similar to ETFs (lower when you include ETF tracking error) and much lower than robo-advisors. Plus you have a high likelihood of returns above the indexes.

Full Service Fee Schedule

Our Full Service fee is the same regardless of which investment option we decide on. This is fully-transparent and unbiased.

  • Full Service fee: 1% of your investments (fee-based) + HST, reduced for larger accounts.
  • $2,500 + HST rebate of your Financial Plan fee.
Account Size "All Star Fund Manager" Portfolio Manager "Index Plus" Portfolio Manager
<$1,000,0001% tiered fee on first $1 million1% flat fee
$1,000,000-$2,000,000.8% tiered fee on next $1 million.9% flat fee
$2,000,000-$5,000,000.65% tiered fee on next $3 million.8% flat fee
$5,000,000-$10,000,000.50% tiered fee on next $5 millionNegotiable flat fee
>$10,000,000Negotiable flat feeNegotiable flat fee

* Account size includes family members (parents & children). Ask for details.

* All fees + HST

Satisfaction guarantee


Financial planning is probably new to you. You may be unsure of how much benefit you will actually get, what you will actually do differently or whether it will be worthwhile.

The cost may or may not seem high to you, but preparing a quality Financial Plan takes time. The benefits from knowing exactly how to have the life you want to live are many times higher. You will have your GPS for your life and be confident you are on the best route to the life you want.

We have prepared more than 1,000 Financial Plans. Nobody has ever questioned the value after they receive their Plan.

In the first meeting, you will clearly see where the Plan is going and how comprehensive it is.

My guarantee is that, if at the end of the first planning meeting you do not see the value for any reason, we will refund 50% of your fee. We will have already spent a lot of time, so we share the risk. You will have learned a lot from the process anyway.

Free 30-Minute Consultation

Want to find out:

  • How will I really benefit from a Financial Plan?
  • Is this the right time for me to create my Financial Plan?
  • I know I need help, but which option is best?
  • Are we a good fit to work together?

We are very selective on who we take on as a new client. We only want to work with people that are serious about their life goals, that will be open with us, and where we like to work together. We are more concerned about sincerity than size of portfolio, because our clients can build a large portfolio relatively quickly. Find out with a free, no obligation 30-minute consultation.

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