Your FREE tickets to Canada’s top online financial conference – Canadian Financial Summit (online)

It’s back! Join me and 25+ top financial experts, journalists and bloggers for 3 days of online educational videos you can watch in your PJs. It’s 100% online so you can stream all the talks right from your computer/tablet/phone.

The Summit is on September 26-28. You can get FREE tickets, a list of speakers, and scroll down to see the schedule and topics for each speaker here:

FREE tickets to Canadian Financial Summit (online)

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Last year, more than 15,000 Canadians attended. Together the All Star Speakers have authored more than 100 personal finance books, hosted 600+ podcast episodes, written 20,000+ blog posts and newspaper columns, and have been featured in thousands of media articles and interviews from every major news publication in Canada.

Needless to say – you will not find this elite group anywhere else!

I have 2 talks on original topics. Go to this link and then scroll down to see the schedule:

1) The High Risk of Bonds (Thursday, Sept.26)

2) How to Successfully Implement the Smith Manoeuvre (Wednesday, Sept.25)

This event is completely FREE to attend for 48 hours. However, if you can’t make it for the scheduled date/time, you will be given the option to purchase a special any-time, anywhere, Premium All Access Pass that will allow you stream the entire conference on any device, whenever fits your personal schedule. You will own them all permanently and be able to rewatch them any time.

Just head on over to the Canadian Financial Summit to get your FREE tickets.

See you there!



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