Career Advice

How To Choose Your University Specialty

If you or someone you know is in high school or about to apply to university, then this video is a must! After being a financial planner for almost 30 years, I’ve seen the finances of thousands of Canadians, and the careers that pay the big bucks. In this video and podcast episode you’ll learn…

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We’re Hiring! Join Ed Rempel’s Team as a Financial Planning Associate

Apply in confidence via e-mail to Tim Chisholm at Click here to apply Unique opportunity to join one of Canada’s most dynamic fee-for-service financial planning teams & be mentored by Ed Rempel. As one of Canada’s Top Financial Planning Teams, our “One plan – One planner” and “Full Service” philosophy means we look after…

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What Financial Question Is on Your Mind?

What burning financial question is on your mind? What topic(s) would you like me to tackle next?

I post a video or article on my blog, YouTube & my email list every Thursday and try to make it as relevant to you as I can. I am asking you now to find out what is most relevant for you.

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