Managing Debt

How to Avoid Falling Victim to Lifestyle Inflation   What is lifestyle inflation? Lifestyle inflation (or lifestyle creep) is the tendency to increase expenses as earning increases. If a person gets a raise of a few thousand dollars, that person increases their expenses by a similar amount and thus never has an opportunity to save money for retirement or other…

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How to Become a Credit Card Genius

It is easy to run into credit card problems during the holiday season. Here is some motivation and clear action steps to avoid them. You can become a Credit Card Genius in 2 steps: Pay all your cards in full every month. The #1 perk of any credit card by far is the 6-week no-interest…

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Why Paying Off Your Student Loan is the Worst Thing to Do

why paying off student loans is the worst

Have you heard the story of the “Frustrated Student Loan Payer”? I have seen this story 100 times in real life. A smart kid goes to university and graduates with a large student loan. She spends several years working to pay off the loan. While paying off the loan: She delays becoming independent and stays…

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