What Financial Question Is on Your Mind?

What burning financial question is on your mind? What topic(s) would you like me to tackle next?

I post a video or article on my blog, YouTube & my email list every Thursday and try to make it as relevant to you as I can. I am asking you now to find out what is most relevant for you.

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How To Choose Your University Specialty

If you or someone you know is in high school or about to apply to university, then this video is a must! After being a financial planner for over 28 years, I’ve seen the finances of thousands of Canadians, and the careers that pay the big bucks. In this video you’ll learn how to choose…

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How To Own A Nice Car For Less

How can you own a nice car for a lot less? Should you be impressed with someone that has a nice car? How do you measure the ownership cost of your car? What is a warranty worth? Should you lease or own? Can you save money on an electric car? How does your car fit…

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We are hiring! Join our team!

Financial Planning Professional As one of Canada’s Top Financial Planning Teams, our “One plan – One planner” and “Full Service” philosophy means we look after all aspects of our clients’ finances.  The core mandate of our Practice is detailed financial planning (not sales) and very rewarding in making a big difference in our clients’ lives.…

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Creating the GPS to Financial Freedom (Talk at 4 Pillars of Entrepreneurship Summit)

I’m thrilled to have been interviewed for the 4 Pillars of Entrepreneurship Summit, an online summit of entrepreneurs talking about their experiences. Interesting video with my insights into “Creating the GPS to Financial Freedom”. The organizer is Annie Hardock, a woman who is passionate about helping entrepreneurs and those wanting to become an entrepreneur. She…

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