Retirement Income

National Post Article: A single dad nearing retirement hopes to fund daughter’s education and his golden years

The National Post asked me to review the finances of a single dad nearing retirement who hopes to fund his daughter’s education in his golden years. The 55-year-old is a health-care professional and earns about $210,000 annually before tax.  Since January, in addition to his current employment income, John has been receiving a pension of…

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The 6 Steps to Become Financially Independent

What will it take for you to become financially free?  To have enough money that you never have to work again? This video and podcast episode is my insight into the few key ideas you really need to know.  It’s an overview to give you the big picture of what really works. Some of these…

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Smith Manoeuvre or Smith Maneuver?

Why the two spellings and which is correct? This strategy (which I’m most known for), helps Canadian homeowners make their mortgages tax deductible in a simple way. What’s the proper spelling? Who pioneered this legal strategy? Does it work in Quebec? Can you use it if you live in the United States? All these questions…

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