When can I Retire with the Lifestyle I Want?

Financial freedom. It is what we really want. You need a Retirement Plan to get there. It will not happen on its own. Creating your Retirement Plan is fun. It makes you wealthier. It’s not about your money – it’s about your life. Prefer an overview? Like videos or podcasts? Check out our whiteboard video,…

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Money123 Article: Saving Tax on Severance or Retention Bonus

Want to save tax on your severance or a retention bonus? Here’s how! As a financial planner for Global News’ Money123 online email newsletter, I answer reader questions about investing, managing your finances, and planning for your future. In the latest email that went out to subscribers, I answered a question about someone who was…

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Using Your Corporation As Your Retirement Fund

Can you fund your retirement from your corporation? That’s the question I answer in my latest video and podcast episode specifically for business owners. This is part # 2 of the video I did last week, where I go deeper into tax-efficient investment strategies when owning a corporation. It may seem complicated (if you’re talking…

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