Robo-Advisor Professional, a new investment service created to meet the preferences and financial needs of Millennials, is the latest innovation to be introduced by Fee-For-Service Financial Planner Ed Rempel.

Ed Rempel, based in Toronto, is an experienced writer on financial planning and investment issues, and in-demand speaker on related topics.

Rempel’s new Robo-Advisor Professional service package serves as a way to introduce young Canadians to the value of financial planning, while providing them with investment tools that will make investing quick and easy even as it helps them accrue and grow their financial assets.

During his 25-year financial planning career, Ed Rempel has designed nearly 1,000 comprehensive financial plans. But, less than 1 percent of Canadians have had a professional financial plan created for them, he adds. “What they don’t understand is that a financial plan is a GPS for their lives,” Rempel says. “People at any age will get value from one, but for Millennials, now is the time to get that GPS pointed in the right direction in order to ensure a comfortable financial future.”



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