Ed Rempel awarded Top 50 Personal Finance Blog!

My blog was awarded a Top 50 Personal Finance Blog by Feedspot! This is the most comprehensive list of best Canadian Personal Finance blogs on the internet from thousands on Feedspot’s index.

It is an elite list of bloggers all working hard to educate Canadians. I know most of them and consider many to be friends.

I am #30, but I feel honoured to be on this list, because my posts are too in-depth for the widest appeal. I want my readers to get conclusive, practical insight in every post.

My blog is a unique voice on this list. I am the only full-service professional financial planner and I have a ton of real-life experience.

My blog is one of only 2 on the list that are full service financial planners. Unfortunately, almost all of the financial education of Canadians is done by people that are not professional financial planners. I strive to be a prominent, educated educator.

Many blogs are focused on low fees, free advice and Millennials. I know from experience the benefits of high quality advice. Once you are living your long-term lifestyle, a Financial Plan is your single most valuable financial step. Going through life without a Financial Plan is like driving in a new city without a map or GPS.

I see from first-hand experience why people with a written Financial Plan and a financial planner have on average 4 times most investments. They make smarter decisions. I work with elite All Star Fund Managers that have outperformed their indexes over their career after all fees and I am confident it is skill. I base every post on my experience.

I am honoured to be on this elite list! See the list here.



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