How To Beat Any Financial Advisor With Ed Rempel

How to EASILY outperform investment advisors & robo advisors

I was recently interviewed for a fun podcast by Ahmad Saad, from Young Money Simplified.

Topics include:

  • How to EASILY outperform investment advisors and robo advisors.
  • The principles to be a successful investor.
  • Having a growth mindset. Confidence, instead of fear.
  • Why students should NOT pay off their student loan.
  • Lifecycle Investing – the ulitmate strategy for millennials.

Effective investing and the right mindset to grow your wealth are important parts of your path to be financially independent.

Listen to it on Spotify or Anchor:

Spotify: How to Easily Outperform Investment Advisors and Robo Advisors | Ed Rempel

Anchor: How to Easily Outperform Investment Advisors and Robo Advisors | Ed Rempel



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  1. Ed Rempel on July 13, 2020 at 9:37 PM

    Hi Alaric,

    The are much harder to come by. There used to be 7 companies offering them. Now there are only 2 and both have drawbacks.

    B2B Bank bought 5 competitors and have 95% of the investment loans in Canada. They only work through financial planners and only allow mutual funds. They are extremely beaurocratic – but still the best option.

    Manulife is the only other choice, but they only allow you to invest in Manulife mutual funds. They are less beaurocratic, but very limited in your investment choices.


  2. Alaric on June 25, 2020 at 3:17 PM

    Hi Ed
    Great podcast. You mentioned that investment loans are harder to come by. Who is still offering them today?

    I understand in the past that these are typically limited to investments offered by those institutions (i.e. Manulife). Is that still the case?

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