How To Choose Your University Specialty

If you or someone you know is in high school or about to apply to university, then this video is a must!

After being a financial planner for almost 30 years, I’ve seen the finances of thousands of Canadians, and the careers that pay the big bucks.

In this video and podcast episode you’ll learn how to choose your university specialty, so that you get into a career that sets you up for success in life.

Don’t waste your degree! Learn:

  • Why it’s hard to choose a university specialty.
  • Is a university degree worth the investment?
  • How to avoid wasting your degree.
  • 50+ career options for a successful and comfortable life.
  • Deciding what is important to you in your life.
  • How to make a smart career choice.

I hope you enjoy it!


Planning With Ed


Ed Rempel has helped thousands of Canadians become financially secure. He is a fee-for-service financial planner, tax  accountant, expert in many tax & investment strategies, and a popular and passionate blogger.

Ed has a unique understanding of how to be successful financially based on extensive real-life experience, having written nearly 1,000 comprehensive personal financial plans.

The “Planning with Ed” experience is about your life, not just money. Your Financial Plan is the GPS for your life.

Get your plan! Become financially secure and free to live the life you want.

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