How to Design Your Retirement Income: An Overview

With so much advice on retirement, sometimes it’s hard to know what to do.

How do you put all the details together to get the retirement income you want with the minimum lifetime tax?

Quite a few people asked me questions about retirement income in response to my last video.

In my latest video, you’re going to get an overview where you’ll learn the “Big Picture” thinking into designing your whole retirement income in one shot!

This video is a “must watch” and one you may wish to re-watch many times, to understand the key concepts when it comes to this topic.

Watch to find out:

  • The “Big Picture” of how to design your retirement income.
  • How do you know when you’ve reached financial independence?
  • How much can you withdraw from your investments and have them last for life?
  • How much do you take from each income source? 
  • How do you design your retirement income?
  • What are the key concepts to understand about retirement income?
  • What are the three retirement income design strategies?
  • How do you decide which strategy is best for you?
  • An overview of when to start RIF, CPP, OAS and pensions, etc.
  • What do you do with Smith Manoeuvre or leveraged investments? 
  • Should you commute your pension?
  • Should you worry about high tax on your estate?

I hope you enjoy it!


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