Importance of One Financial Planner

Without having experienced our “One plan. One planner.” approach, it is difficult to understand the importance of financial planning.  It’s more than just documenting all aspects of your financial life. Only when you see the strategies to achieve all of your goals together can you understand the “big picture”. Only when you see the big picture can you see how to prioritize your various goals and what strategies are most effective for you.

Our process provides a professional comprehensive written unified financial plan that integrates the many areas of your personal finances – not just investments. All your personal financial decisions are linked.  Many Canadians have several financial planners and think that gives them different viewpoints. The issue is that none of these planners know your complete picture. If you have several financial planners, you likely really just have several salespeople making pitches to you.

If you have several professional advisors, such as an accountant, a lawyer, a broker, a financial planner, a banker and an insurance agent, their advice may not integrate. You are often left alone in the middle to put it all together, for which you may not have time, desire or expertise.  Working with one planner that knows and optimizes your entire plan is the key to successful financial planning, freedom and peace of mind.

It’s all about implementing one plan with one planner.