Short Insights Articles and Videos

Many of my readers love talking finance and learning new ideas in in-depth articles. However, if you prefer some lighter reading, here are some short articles on “Insights” and a few videos I recorded.

When is the 4% Rule safe? Interview with Ed Rempel

Interesting interview by Sheryl Smolkin from the Saskatchewan Pension Plan. Many financial planners use the 4% rule, which essentially says that you can withdraw $40,000 a year plus inflation for life from a $1 million portfolio. What do you think?        ...

Why won’t Canadians pay for investment advice?

  Great article in Globe & Mail by Rob Carrick. The media has been heavily anti-advice for years. The focus has been mainly on low fees, rarely mentioning that the fees pay for advice or attempting to evaluate the cost/benefit of advice. Evidence shows this has been a...

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