Short Insights

Many of my readers love talking finance and learning new ideas in in-depth articles. However, if you prefer some lighter reading, here are some short articles on “Insights”.

What’s Important About Money to You?

  Money: it impacts so many aspects of your life. How you handle it, save it, and spend it can say a lot about you. Ask yourself: “What’s important about money to me?” 1 I have asked this question to thousands of people in the last 20 years. Every answer is...

Pleased to be Featured on IdeaMensch!

I am thrilled that my recent interview by IdeaMensch is now featured on their site. They know what they are doing. Very insightful questions! What question leads to this answer? "Think outside the box. First understand the issues in-depth. Then think about what works....

When is the 4% Rule safe? Interview with Ed Rempel

Interesting interview by Sheryl Smolkin from the Saskatchewan Pension Plan. Many financial planners use the 4% rule, which essentially says that you can withdraw $40,000 a year plus inflation for life from a $1 million portfolio. What do you think?    ...

Why won’t Canadians pay for investment advice?

  Great article in Globe & Mail by Rob Carrick. The media has been heavily anti-advice for years. The focus has been mainly on low fees, rarely mentioning that the fees pay for advice or attempting to evaluate the cost/benefit of advice. Evidence shows this...

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