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Many of my readers love talking finance and learning new ideas in in-depth articles. However, if you prefer some lighter reading, here are some short articles on “Insights”.

Why won’t Canadians pay for investment advice?

Why won’t Canadians pay for investment advice?

  Great article in Globe & Mail by Rob Carrick. The media has been heavily anti-advice for years. The focus has been mainly on low fees, rarely mentioning that the fees pay for advice or attempting to evaluate the cost/benefit of advice. Evidence shows this...

Achieving Peace of Mind

Worried about debts? Do you know when or even if you can retire? Most Canadians do not feel secure financially because they look for security in all the wrong places. The conventional wisdom is to focus on paying off debts & buying “safe” investments, while not...

Tax Refund is NOT a Benefit of RRSPs

Getting a tax refund is one of the main motivators for contributing to RRSPs. However, there are two main benefits of RRSPs and the tax refund is not one of them. The benefits of RRSPs are: Tax-free growth (same as the TFSA). Tax gain or loss depending on your...

Are you “Smart Money” or “Dumb Money”?

Are you “Smart Money” or “Dumb Money”?

Amateur investors often look down on professional fund managers thinking they are not worth their fees. Meanwhile, professional fund managers tend to think of amateur investors as “dumb money”. What is “dumb money”? It is investors that invest when the markets are...

Losing Money by Chasing Yield

The classic truism by Raymond DeVoe Jr. is particularly appropriate today: “More money has been lost reaching for yield than at the point of a gun.” Searching for investments with higher yields has often led to bubbles and has often lost money for investors. For...

Paying too much tax? How much is too much?

Do you ever wonder whether you are paying more tax than you need to?  Do you hear stories about people claiming all kinds of deductions or about rich people being able to avoid tax? At tax time each year, these questions are foremost in Canadians’ minds. Preparing...

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