Short Insights

Many of my readers love talking finance and learning new ideas in in-depth articles. However, if you prefer some lighter reading, here are some short articles on “Insights”.

Paying too much tax? How much is too much?

By Ed Rempel | March 7, 2013

Do you ever wonder whether you are paying more tax than you need to?  Do you hear stories about people claiming all kinds of deductions or about rich people being able to avoid tax? At tax time each year, these questions are foremost in Canadians’ minds.

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Dumbest Investment Line of 2012 – “In these uncertain times”

By Ed Rempel | January 27, 2013

One of my pet peeves is the phrase “in these uncertain times”. I see it constantly in the media and in financial industry talks and articles. Rarely is anything smart said after “in these uncertain times”. When are times not uncertain? Was 2012 uniquely full of uncertain news? No. Pick any year. If you google the news from that year, you will find many major uncertainties ever year. The reason this line resonates with people today is not actually because of news items, such as the “fiscal cliff”, US debt, European debt, or uncertainties in the Middle East. The real reason is…

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