I am a popular financial blogger with 24 years of experience as a certified financial planner professional (CFP® Professional) and 35 years as an accountant (CPA, Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario).

My “Unconventional Wisdom” blog has 2,500 unique viewers per month and was awarded a Top 50 Personal Finance Blog by Feedspot! I am the only full-service professional financial planner on the list! Feedspot is the most comprehensive list of best Canadian Personal Finance blogs on the internet from thousands on they index.

My blog is a unique voice on this list. I have a ton of real-life experience. A prolific writer, I am passionate about sharing my insights. Disillusioned with the “conventional wisdom” often espoused by financial planners and the media, I prefer financial strategies proven to provide results over time. I steadfastly dislike “financial quackery” – financial advice that’s really just a sales pitch – and “placebo advice” – bad advice meant to make you feel good.

I often guest post for leading financial publications and websites, and have been interviewed for many articles.

Praise from fellow financial bloggers

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I have given nearly 100 seminars and webinars. The most recent are:                                 Ed Rempel Top Key Note Speaker at The Canadian Financial Summit

Financial Independence HUB The 6 steps to Financial Independence seminar & webinar

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