Very well-written and insightful interview and article on by Robin Taub. Worth reading.

A couple quotes:

  • “The key to minimizing taxes on retirement income is careful planning, and this normally starts years or even a decade or two before you retire.”
  • “In retirement, your taxable income can be very different from the cash you receive.”

Minimize Taxes on Retirement Income (on



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  1. Guy Langevin on June 27, 2019 at 2:12 AM

    Ed thought I’d ask one more question

    I currently own several rental properties that have appreciated greatly in value over the years. In the very beginning, the leverage was very high and the returns were accelerating fast, but now the properties have built more equity and my leverage has reduced substantially so I am planning to sell the properties and to invest in a global ETF and eventually use a total return portfolio in early retirement.

    To reduce capital gains as well as spreading out the market-related risks, I am planning to invest in the market at yearly intervals with the net proceeds of each property ( basically in large chunks)

    What are your thoughts about this strategy or is there a better way?

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