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There are many articles on this site, but a few that I believe are the most important. They can have the biggest impact on your life.

My goal with this blog is to help you become successful financially through knowledge.

The single most important thing is that the benefits of financial planning are much bigger than you think. Financial planning is life planning. You decide how you want to live now and in your future. You decide what to do with your money and what strategies to do. Your financial plan makes your financial decisions clear.

There is a reason that people who plan their finances are many times wealthier than people who don’t. It’s not about investment rate of return. It’s about how much you invest, how important it is to you and making smart decisions.

Financial planning is fun once you get into it. Even for people not very interested in finance, when you realize you are planning your life, it’s fun!

A great start is to watch my 50-minute video: “The 6 Steps to Become Financially Independent”. It is an overview of what you really need to know to become financially independent. There is a ton to know about money, so I tried to put the few things you really need to know to be financially successful in one video. This is a ‘must see’ video with the core of my experience. It’s as long as one TV show and definitely worth your time.

These articles are the core of my philosophy. Read the full article, or look at the top for the whiteboard video summary.

My suggestion for you is to watch this playlist of all 17 whiteboard video summaries and then read the full articles that interest you:


Playlist of all 17 whiteboard video summaries


1. Importance of Your Financial Plan:

2. Effective Outlook for Success:

3. Retirement:

4. Strategies:

5. Investing:

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Watch this playlist of all 17 whiteboard video summaries and then read the full articles that interest you: