Below are some podcasts where I was an invited guest.

Bitcoin: Should you buy into the mania?

By Ed Rempel | February 25, 2021

Fun talk with popular podcaster Alain Guilliot about the bitcoin mania. We talk about whether Bitcoin:– has any intrinsic value,– is or is it not a currency– is an investment of a gambling tool. Ed Rempel: Buyers of Bitcoin Will Eventually be Stuck Holding the Bag Ed

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Q&A from Canadian Financial Summit (podcast)

By Ed Rempel | January 30, 2021

Your questions from the Summit are answered here! The biggest online personal finance conference in Canada is the Canadian Financial Summit, which was a few weeks ago. I was interviewed for 2 intriguing talks: How to Easily Outperform Investment Advisors & Robo-Advisors The High Risk of Bonds: Are Bonds Actually Safe Investments? Here are my answers to the 27 listener questions: Ed Rempel Q&A – Summit 2020 (podcast) Here are the 27 questions: Tax, Investing & Retirement At what earnings tax bracket should one consider investing more money into an RRSP vs a TFSA in order to reduce owing taxes? Is there a tool…

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The High Risk of Bonds (podcast on The Maple Money Show)

By Ed Rempel | October 31, 2020

The High Risk of Bonds https://maplemoney.com/podcast/high-risk-bonds/ I was recently interviewed by Tom Drake on The MapleMoney Show, the podcast that helps Canadians improve their personal finances to create lasting financial freedom. Most investors see bonds as a safe place to put their money, but conventional wisdom may be deceiving. Investing in bonds can actually put your portfolio at risk. To help us understand the risks of long-term bond investing, we discuss a couple of scenarios using the 4% rule. This tried and true concept of retirement planning says that when you retire, you should be able to draw 4% from your investments…

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How to Avoid Falling Victim to Lifestyle Inflation

By Ed Rempel | October 10, 2020

    https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/forcedn/alainguillotshow/Ed_edited.mp3   What is lifestyle inflation? Lifestyle inflation (or lifestyle creep) is the tendency to increase expenses as earning increases. If a person gets a raise of a few thousand dollars, that person increases their expenses by a similar amount and thus never has an opportunity to save money for retirement or other financial goals. How do you avoid falling victim to lifestyle creep? (Blog) How do you avoid falling victim to lifestyle creep? (Video) How do you avoid falling victim to lifestyle creep? (Podcast)   Ed

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Demystifying Pensions – Podcast on Explore FI Canada

By Ed Rempel | September 13, 2020

If pensions have you confused, this episode’s for you! I was interviewed on a fun podcast with Chrissy and Money Mechanic from Explore FI Canada answering questions from a listener named Kate about her pension. Kate asked her questions in an entertaining way that showed her frustration with not understanding her options. We discuss DC and DB pensions, commuting, LIRAs, and more. Simple, clear info to help demystify the whats, hows, whys behind pensions in Canada. Here is the link: Demystifying Pensions – Podcast on Explore FI Canada Ed

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How To Beat Any Financial Advisor With Ed Rempel

By Ed Rempel | June 19, 2020

I was recently interviewed for a fun podcast by Ahmad Saad, from Young Money Simplified. Topics include: How to EASILY outperform investment advisors and robo advisors. The principles to be a successful investor. Having a growth mindset. Confidence, instead of fear. Why students should NOT pay off their student loan. Lifecycle Investing – the ulitmate strategy for millennials. Effective investing and the right mindset to grow your wealth are important parts of your path to be financially independent. Listen to it on Spotify or Anchor: Spotify: How to Easily Outperform Investment Advisors and Robo Advisors | Ed Rempel Anchor: How to Easily…

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