“When I first decided to make the jump & follow through on your advice it was in the heart of the meltdown. As it turns out it was actually at the bottom of the market. I was strongly deterred by friends, family & even from people in the financial industry from doing any kind of investing especially with a “leveraged plan”. When I asked why they thought they thought that way, the responses were not based on any solid facts or deep analysis, it was simply parroting the fear & anxiety that was prevalent at the time. This was in stark contrast with the conversations I had with Ed. He recognized that the situation was serious & there was a potential for even a further downturn but reiterated that the goals were for the long term & that historically there was always a recovery. However, even with an understanding of that the decisive point is that you still have to make a decision based on faith in the plan. My wife & I have the faith because we believed & trusted in what you presented to us. So far we have been rewarded very well for doing so. We want to thank you for all that you have done for us & are looking forward to a long & prosperous relationship. “

Dr. T.V.

Toronto, ON

“Thanks so much for all your help and support as we get this up and running. You go way above and beyond what any other financial planner would do for their clients and we really, really appreciate it. “


Mississauga, ON

“This is exactly what we were looking for – someone to take a look at our entire financial picture and give us sound strategies to get to where we want to be.”


Brampton, ON

“When we first read Ed Rempel’s newspaper ad, we were only 4 years from retirement and quite unsure whether the Smith Manoeuvre could actually still be advantageous for us. With Ed’s knowledge and vision, he has shown how his plan can generate $15-20,000 of additional income per year throughout our retirement years. And THAT, in short, is the difference between penny pinching “golden years” or the freedom to finance all the plans we had already made, but for which we didn’t really know if the money would be there or not. “


Brampton, ON

“I have, to date, avoided financial planners/advisors – the ones I met didn’t seem to bring much to the table that I couldn’t figure out myself. Your firm seems to be significantly more advanced than the others, and is the first one to convince me that there is an advantage to hiring professional help for my finances.”


Dundas, ON

“You have only known us for a matter of a few days, yet you have undertaken to provide us with such important guidance & assistance with no obligation whatsoever. This is something we’ve never experienced in our past dealing with financial advisors.”


Brampton, ON

“I thought it is about time that we conveyed our heartfelt gratefulness towards your associates & yourself for providing us exceptional service & timely sharing of vital information & guidance.”


Brampton, ON

“Now that I have a financial plan, I can really sleep at night.”


Brampton, ON

“… my trusted advisor. Thank you so much for what you are doing for us.”


Brampton, ON

“After chatting with Ed, now I have hope.”


Mississauga, ON

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