The #1 most satisfying part of being a financial planner is making a difference in people’s lives. The #2 most satisfying part for me is a cool strategy that really works.

For finance geeks like me, effective strategies are so satisfying!

My favourite strategy is the Smith Manoeuvre. I have become known for being an expert in the Smith Manoeuvre after helping hundreds of people implement it. From 2005-8, it was a very popular strategy. It was being heavily marketed and many were doing it badly, most commonly by taking income from the investments. The crash of 2008 was the ultimate test. People that maintained the strategy and were doing it correctly are now in good shape.

The Smith Manoeuvre works and is an exceptional strategy – when the right people do it, implement it properly and stick with it long term.

The Smith Manoeuvre is not one strategy. There are 7 categories of Smith Maneouvre strategies, and many ways to implement each one. It is a treasure of strategies!

But it is only one of many cool strategies – and by no means the coolest.

On this page, I’ll will discuss various strategies, such as:

  • The 7 Smith Manoeuvre strategies – The only source for all 7 strategies.
  • Rempel Maximum – A process to build maximum wealth in a solid, reliable way.
  • Lifecycle Investing – #1 strategy for Millennials to build a huge financial independence portfolio in a highly reliable way. Reduce risk by diversifying across time. Sometimes called “Smith Manoeuvre for renters” or “Smith Manoeuvre for Millennials”.
  • 8-Year GIS Strategy – Get $105,000 tax-free from the government. Highly effecitve strategy for people in their early 60s that do not have a large government pension. Makes a tight retirement comfortable.
  • Dividend and corporation strategies for business owners to optimize tax savings.
  • Cash Dam” – Use your non-incorporated business or rental property to make your mortgage tax deductible.
  • RRSP Gross-up Strategy – Increase your RRSP contributions up to 67% without using your cash flow.
  • Strategies for low income seniors (the highest taxed Canadians). Maximize GIS income and minimize clawbacks on seniors.

I will also tackle some of the truly challenging issues, such as “Millionaire Seniors Living in Poverty”.

These articles are about cool strategies: