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What is a Hedge Fund? Inside the Semi-Secret Hedge Fund World

20 years ago I took the most fascinating investment course, and by far the most in-depth. The course made me a “Certified Hedge Fund Specialist” (CHFS). I loved it so much I received the top mark in Canada. From the course and meeting with hedge fund people, I’ve learned the ins and outs of the…

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Should I start my CPP early? – Real-Life Examples

The most common CPP question I am asked is: “Is it smart to take my CPP early?” Prefer an overview? Like videos? Check out our whiteboard video, podcast episode or read the full post below! A quick review of the facts: The simple breakeven calculation misses many important factors. For example, if John starts receiving…

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Smith Manoeuvre or Smith Maneuver?

Why the two spellings and which is correct? This strategy (which I’m most known for), helps Canadian homeowners make their mortgages tax deductible in a simple way. What’s the proper spelling? Who pioneered this legal strategy? Does it work in Quebec? Can you use it if you live in the United States? All these questions…

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