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The High Risk of Bonds

The conventional wisdom is that bonds and fixed income are safe investments and you need them to stabilize your portfolio. The truth is much more complex. Understanding the high risk of bonds can be one of the easiest ways to get higher investment returns and achieve your life goals. While bonds are less risky short-term…

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“Your Home is the Best Investment” – True or False?

Many people believe that growth of the value of their home has been phenomenal over the last few decades. The common belief is that growth is similar to the stock market and much less risky. Is this actually true? This is important, because believing a home is the best investment leads you to: Feel you…

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Why Paying Off Your Student Loan is the Worst Thing to Do

why paying off student loans is the worst

Have you heard the story of the “Frustrated Student Loan Payer”? I have seen this story 100 times in real life. A smart kid goes to university and graduates with a large student loan. She spends several years working to pay off the loan. While paying off the loan: She delays becoming independent and stays…

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Achieving Peace of Mind

Worried about debts? Do you know when or even if you can retire? Most Canadians do not feel secure financially because they look for security in all the wrong places. The conventional wisdom is to focus on paying off debts & buying “safe” investments, while not knowing if either of these strategies will pay off…

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