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Should I start my CPP early? – Real-Life Examples

The most common CPP question I am asked is: “Is it smart to take my CPP early?” Prefer an overview? Like videos? Check out our whiteboard video, podcast episode or read the full post below! A quick review of the facts: The simple breakeven calculation misses many important factors. For example, if John starts receiving…

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Using Your Corporation As Your Retirement Fund

Can you fund your retirement from your corporation? That’s the question I answer in my latest video and podcast episode specifically for business owners. This is part # 2 of the video I did last week, where I go deeper into tax-efficient investment strategies when owning a corporation. It may seem complicated (if you’re talking…

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Why Most Financial Plans Fail

Many people who work with us to figure out their retirement plan, have created a financial plan before. You can get a financial plan from a bank, online methods, financial advisors or fee-only financial planners, but often these financial plans fail. They do not give you the life you want. In my latest video and…

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