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Invest a Lump Sum or Bit-by-Bit. Which Is Smarter?

Invest a Lump Sum or Bit-by-Bit. Which Is Smarter? You have a lump sum of cash and you’re trying to figure out how to invest it. The stock market seems pretty turbulent at the moment, so you may be wondering if you should invest your lump sum all at once or bit-by-bit.  Maybe you got…

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Optimism is the Only Realism

Optimism is the Only Realism. That’s my belief, and you’ll learn why in my latest YouTube video and podcast episode. I feel compelled to talk about optimism for 2 reasons: 1/ Optimism is absolutely necessary for financial success – effective investing and financial planning. You need to feel you will be better off in the…

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Why Most Financial Plans Fail

Many people who work with us to figure out their retirement plan, have created a financial plan before. You can get a financial plan from a bank, online methods, financial advisors or fee-only financial planners, but often these financial plans fail. They do not give you the life you want. In my latest video and…

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