The 3 Keys to Building Wealth

Do you ever find yourself unsure about what to do with an investment decision? Should you buy now or wait? Is this a good time? Should I buy something safe or invest for growth?

You are not alone. Most people struggle with investment decisions because they think short term and do not have faith in the market.

This leads them to make the single most common investing error — investing conservatively near the bottom of the market and aggressively near the top.

We see this everywhere today. The markets are extremely cheap and will not always be this cheap, yet investors are focused on fear of another decline or what might happen in Europe. Most investors are conservative today and focused on income investments, thinking they will be able to buy investments with more growth after the uncertainty clears up. When that happens, the markets will almost definitely already be much higher.

This video explains how to have the right mindset for investing and how to avoid the single most common investment error. It is the second in a video series.

This issue speaks directly to the difficulties most people have with investing. Even people not interested in finance need to understand this message.

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