Using Your Corporation As Your Retirement Fund

Can you fund your retirement from your corporation?

That’s the question I answer in my latest video specifically for business owners.

This is part # 2 of the video I did last week, where I go deeper into tax-efficient investment strategies when owning a corporation.

It may seem complicated (if you’re talking to your accountant), but this video breaks down basic and advanced principles, to make it easy for you to plan your retirement.

Watch it to find out:

  • Why you should invest inside your corporation.
  • Is investing inside your corporation better than RRSP or TFSA?
  • How investment income is taxed in a corporation.
  • Simple rules for tax-efficient investing.
  • Advanced investment strategies.
  • Common mistakes by business owners.
  • Retirement planning for business owners.

I hope you enjoy it!


Planning With Ed


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