What is a Hedge Fund? Inside the Semi-Secret Hedge Fund World

20 years ago I took the most fascinating investment course, and by far the most in-depth.

The course made me a “Certified Hedge Fund Specialist” (CHFS). I loved it so much I received the top mark in Canada.

From the course and meeting with hedge fund people, I’ve learned the ins and outs of the Hedge Fund World, which to many, seems like a secret club.

In my latest video and podcast episode, you’ll get a sense of what this world is like, insight into the categories of hedge funds and major hedge fund stories in movies.

Should you invest in a hedge fund?

Watch the video or listen to the podcast episode to find out:

  • What is a hedge fund?
  • 12 categories of hedge fund strategies.
  • Pros & cons of hedge funds vs. mutual funds & ETFs.
  • What is an option?
  • Movies about hedge fund managers.
  • Why do our clients have a hedge fund?
  • Should you invest in a hedge fund?
  • Are hedge funds more risky or less risky than mutual funds & ETFs?
  • Stories behind major hedge fund blow-ups.

I hope you enjoy it!


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