Why Simple Investment Stats Don’t Give You Good Returns

If you’re investing in equities, you may be using various investment data software like Morningstar.

The problem?

Investment data often gets misused.

This is because you may be looking at short-term stats and ratings from only the last 1-5 years.

It takes a lot of effort looking at investment stats, but most people who do this incorrectly, don’t get good returns. 

In my latest video and podcast episode, you’ll learn how to look at long-term data and how to use investment data effectively.

  • Why do good investments have bad stats & ratings sometimes?
  • Why do investors that use investment stats & ratings usually have lower returns?
  • How do investment stats affect your behaviour?
  • How the Dunning-Kruger effect happens when investing.
  • How can you use investment data effectively?
  • Common investing mistakes to avoid.
  • Ed’s unconventional wisdom on using investment stats effectively.
  • How does a Financial Plan change how you use investment stats.
  • Why it’s important for your financial planner to study fund managers. 
  • How fund managers often beat the index. 

I hope you enjoy it!


P.S. In my video I mention an article by Warren Buffet called: “The Superinvestors of Graham-and-Doddsville“. Visit this link to read the PDF.

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