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This is the official launch of my new blog – Unconventional Wisdom – Insights from Experience on Building Financial Security. It is a new resource for people looking to learn how to achieve financial freedom. This is also the place you can get real answers to those financial issues that have been on your mind.
My goal is to add a unique voice:
– I have a ton of real life financial planning experience.
– The industry and the media give lip service to financial planning. I know how to create freedom with financial planning.
– I see what works and what doesn’t. Most of what Canadians believe about their money is either not true or not effective. I love to highlight these false facts and have fun with “conventional wisdom”.
– I am an expert in some effective strategies, such as the Smith Manoeuvre, Lifecycle Investing (sometimes called “Smith Manoeuvre for renters” or “Smith Manoeuvre for Millennials”), Cash Dam, and Rempel Maximum, as well as strategies for self-employed and retirees.
I am passionate about educating Canadians. I have been a very active blogger for 10 years and have always looked forward to today – the day my own blog launches!
I guarantee you will learn something valuable. Sign up if you want to receive my new articles by email. Unconventional Wisdom blog


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