Your FREE passes: See my talks at the #1 online event – Canadian Financial Summit 2021

The online Canadian Financial Summit is next week. It is the #1 personal finance event of the year. As a reader of Unconventional Wisdom blog, here are your FREE passes for a limited time.

With these FREE passes, you can watch all the talks, and all your friends if you forward these passes to them.

I’ll be one of the speakers again this year with 2 talks (see below), and I’ll be joined by over 35 other Canadian personal finance and investing experts such as Rob Carrick from the Globe and Mail, the Warren Buffett of Canada (Peter Hodson), and Ellen Roseman former Toronto Star columnist. Where else will you find all these experts in one place?

With your FREE pass, each morning, all the talks for the day will be available to you for a few days. If you want to access them forever, you can purchase an All Access Pass for $87.

My 2 talks are:

  • Thursday, September 23:
    • Self-Made Dividends – Better than Ordinary Dividends in Every Way
  • Friday, September 24:
    • How to Reliably Maximize Your Retirement Income – Is the “4% Rule” Safe? New Retirement Rules of Thumb

Some more info about the talks:

  • It’s 100% online so you can stream all the talks right from your computer/tablet/phone.
  • You don’t need to go anywhere or buy anything.
  • You can forward this to any of your friends to give them a FREE ticket.

See you at the Summit! Here is the link:

Canadian Financial Summit – Free Tickets


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  1. Ed Rempel on November 24, 2021 at 3:49 PM

    Hi Another Loonie,

    I hope you enjoyed my talk. The Q&A will be posted on the Summit site shortly.


  2. AnotherLoonie on September 16, 2021 at 1:30 AM

    Looking forward to your talk, Ed. Glad your participating again this year!

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