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Welcome to the Unconventional Wisdom YouTube Page. The show about the most effective methods to achieve financial security & freedom. Find out what really works. Insights are based on in-depth experience - from a fee-for-service financial planner, tax accountant, Canada’s #1 financial planner blogger & your host, Ed Rempel.

This channel is about achieving financial freedom & security in real life. It’s often very different from what most people talk about. Few financial planners actually write detailed Financial Plans. I have written more than 1,000 professional, custom Financial Plans, and worked with many clients to achieve their life goals. You can listen to everyone else – and then come here to find out what works in real life. Unconventional wisdom – based on experience.

This channel has unconventional wisdom insights on many topics. Some of my favourite topics are:

  • How to set & achieve your financial goals and achieve what you really want in life.
  • FIRE – How to achieve financial independence & retire early.
  • The outlook & attitude you need for financial success.
  • Many topics on how you can minimize tax over your lifetime.
  • Effective strategies that can be a huge benefit for you, such as the Smith Manoeuvre, Rempel Maximum, Lifecycle Investing, RRSP Top-ups, RRSP Catch-up Strategy & the 8-year GIS Strategy.
  • How to set up a reliable retirement income with the least tax & most government benefits.
  • How to invest for returns above the indexes.
  • How to easily outperform investment advisors & robo-advisors.
  • Money myths that block your financial freedom.
  • Any interesting financial planning topic. I take requests.

Unconventional Wisdom YouTube Channel


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Is Typical Retirement Advice Good Advice?

By Ed Rempel | May 23, 2023

If you’re thinking of retiring or your parents or friends are retiring, beware of the typical advice you get. In my latest video and podcast episode, I talk about the 5 conventional wisdom rules of thumb for retirees. As the unconventional wisdom guy, I do the math for you to see whether they actually worked in history. Then I give you 7 new retirement rules of thumb (supported by history) that I advise my clients on. Watch and listen to find out: • How to manage your retirement income withdrawals.• Why the real issue is inflation, not stock market crashes.• Why learning…

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Top 17 Investment Strategies – Do They Work?

By Ed Rempel | May 16, 2023

There are many strategies and styles of investing. How do you sort through it all to set yourself up for success with good long-term rates of return?  In this week’s video and podcast episode I cover the Top 17 Investment Strategies, their history, and whether or not they actually work.  Watch and listen to find out: I hope you enjoy it! Ed

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How to Afford the Life You Want

By Ed Rempel | May 11, 2023

If you are worried about your finances & your future – you are not alone. Many people are worried about their finances. I receive daily notices from the “Free 30-Minute Consultation” form pouring out their life, what they are worried about & what they want. National Post family finances – I was interviewed for 6 recent articles about: Inflation. Life is more expensive. How can you afford the life you want? How to Afford the Life You Want: 1/ Start with why. What’s important about money to you? Most common answers: Freedom, security, self-confidence, independence. What is it for you? 2/ Clearly…

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Smith Manoeuvre

By Ed Rempel | May 9, 2023

The Smith Manoeuvre – Is your mortgage tax deductible? The Smith Manoeuvre is an efficient strategy to use equity in your home to invest for your future without using your cash flow. It converts your mortgage over time into a tax deductible investment credit line. Most Canadians are searching for a feeling of financial security, but all the bills and life expenses mean they never build up enough of a nest egg to be secure. The Smith Manoeuvre is a strategy that can help you build your nest egg and make your retirement plan work. It is best to consider it as…

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Top 10 Money Myths That Block Your Financial Freedom

By Ed Rempel | May 2, 2023

Top 10 Money Myths That Block Your Financial Freedom. This is one of my favourite topics. Most ideas that people believe about money are just not true or not optimal. My blog, Unconventional Wisdom, is about all the things I’ve learned over the years from my experience writing thousands of financial plans and reading hundreds of books. Mark Twain said it: “It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.“ In this week’s video I go in-depth on each myth and debunk them with facts about what works and what…

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Rental Property vs Stock Market – What’s the Best Investment?

By Ed Rempel | April 27, 2023

From the eye of a growth investor, what is the best investment – a rental property or the stock market? We will discuss topics you won’t see anywhere else: Head to head: Returns on rental property vs. stock market. Saving tax on rentals with smart use of CCA & properly recording sale on your tax return. Effect of leverage on returns. It’s huge! Unconventional Wisdom insights. You will learn: Growth comparison: Stocks have 5 times higher growth than real estate since 1975. Good news for renters:  Investing only the 20% you would have put down on a home into the stock market…

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Does Borrowing to Invest Make Sense with High Interest Rates?

By Ed Rempel | April 25, 2023

Should you borrow to invest? With interest rising 4.5% recently, does it still make sense? Spoiled with low interest rates so low for many years, leverage seemed so obvious with a credit line at 3% and tax-deductible, while getting the growth of the stock market. As a fee-for-service financial planner, and an expert on the Smith Manoeuvre strategy and effective investing, my latest podcast episode will give you my insight. You’ll learn: I hope you enjoy it! Ed

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How to Easily Outperform Investment Advisors & Robo-Advisors

By Ed Rempel | April 18, 2023

Investment advisors and robo-advisors have a massive disadvantage – they are short-term thinkers. You can easily outperform them by learning the skill of long-term thinking. Short-term thinking leads them to select suboptimal investments and focus on the wrong risk. You can clearly see this because nearly all investment advisors and robo-advisors do the “4 Performance Drags” that drag down their long-term performance. Just avoid the “4 Performance Drags” and you can easily outperform them. How easily? It’s like a race from Halifax to Vancouver. All the investment advisors and robo-advisors take various combinations of flying, driving and biking for different parts of…

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Investment Risk That Affects Your Life vs Investment Industry Risk

By Ed Rempel | April 13, 2023

Did you know that how you define risk can actually make or break your retirement? This video and podcast episode offers you a direct head-to-head comparison of two different outlooks on the world and on investment risk. Defining risk is critical to decide the best investment strategy for you. People with the right outlook on risk retire comfortably, while others do not.  You’ll learn how to think about risk properly, so you can retire comfortably. This is a really important topic for you to understand and one I’m extremely passionate about. We care about our clients too much to kill their future…

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LIT FIRE! Create Financial Independence & Retire Early with Lifecycle Investing

By Ed Rempel | April 11, 2023

You may have heard of FIRE, which is Financial Independence Retire Early, but how do you actually get there? How do you LIGHT your fire? You do it with Lifecycle Investing. It’s the #1 wealth-building strategy for young people to retire early. This investment strategy is based on a concept by two university professors who wrote the book of the same name. It has worked 100% of the time in the last 150 years and increased portfolios at retirement by an average of 63%. In my latest video and podcast episode I explain this strategy in detail, and how it can help…

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Best Ways to Get a Bigger Tax Refund

By Ed Rempel | April 4, 2023

I was recently interviewed by Isabelle Docto from Daily Hive on the “Best Ways to Get a Bigger Tax Refund”. She asked two really interesting questions that didn’t make it into the interview, so I thought I’d answer them in this video and podcast. The questions are: Please check out the original article here: https://dailyhive.com/canada/best-ways-bigger-tax-return Watch the video and listen to the podcast episode to find out: I hope you enjoy it! Ed

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Bank Collapses for Dummies. Is Your Money Safe?

By Ed Rempel | March 30, 2023

You may have heard in the news recently about the Silicon Valley Bank collapse. Here is a simple explanation with stories so anyone can understand why it collapsed. Could this happen to our Canadian banks? In my latest YouTube video and podcast episode, you’ll learn all about bank collapses and the best way to protect your money. I hope you enjoy it! Ed

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The Unconventional Wisdom Podcast Is Here!

By Ed Rempel | March 23, 2023

Guess what?! I finally launched my podcast! It’s called – Unconventional Wisdom with Ed Rempel.  The show is about the most effective methods to achieve financial security & freedom.  Find out what really works. Insights are based on in-depth experience – from a fee-for-service financial planner, tax accountant, Canada’s #1 financial planner blogger & your host, Ed Rempel. In my latest YouTube video & podcast episode, you’ll learn all about the podcast and what you can expect when tuning in. I hope you enjoy it! Ed

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How Does a Financial Plan Help You?

By Ed Rempel | March 15, 2023

In this week’s video I’m interviewed by Kornel Szrejber, founder of the Build Wealth Canada podcast and website, and host of the Canadian Financial Summit. Kornel runs the #1 personal finance podcast in Canada & the Canadian Financial Summit. He has been getting advice from me for awhile when it comes to financial planning and tax-related questions. We focus on questions related to my practice, which I think you’ll find helpful, if you’re curious about working with a financial planner. Watch to find out: I hope you enjoy it! Ed

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What is a Hedge Fund? Inside the Semi-Secret Hedge Fund World

By Ed Rempel | March 9, 2023

20 years ago I took the most fascinating investment course, and by far the most in-depth. The course made me a “Certified Hedge Fund Specialist” (CHFS). I loved it so much I received the top mark in Canada. From the course and meeting with hedge fund people, I’ve learned the ins and outs of the Hedge Fund World, which to many, seems like a secret club. In my latest video, you’ll get a sense of what this world is like, insight into the categories of hedge funds and major hedge fund stories in movies. Should you invest in a hedge fund? Watch…

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Why Most Financial Plans Fail

By Ed Rempel | March 2, 2023

Many people who work with us to figure out their retirement plan, have created a financial plan before. You can get a financial plan from a bank, online methods, financial advisors or fee-only financial planners, but often these financial plans fail. They do not give you the life you want. In my latest video, I outline what is wrong with most financial plans, how we create retirement plans with our clients, and exactly what you need to be confident in your future. Watch the video to find out: I hope you enjoy it! Ed

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Financially Smart Divorce

By Ed Rempel | February 23, 2023

Divorce is never financially smart! As a financial planner, I don’t recommend divorce. It’s bad for your finances! However, you can go through it in the most financially smart way – to leave both of you in the best possible position. We have seen quite a few people go through divorce. We’ve seen some total disasters, fighting for years through lawyers with monstrous legal costs. We have helped clients go through it amicably while talking & agreeing on what to do. I am a financial planner – not a lawyer. My insights here are based on experience about how to be as…

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RRSP Gross-up Strategy – Easily Contribute 40-70% More to Your RRSP (Updated)

By Ed Rempel | February 9, 2023

Wouldn’t it be great if you could save a lot more for your future without affecting your day-to-day cash flow? One of the main things you learn from your retirement plan is that you need a lot more to retire comfortably than you may have thought. But with all the day-to-day expenses, it can be difficult to find the money to contribute as much as you would like to your RRSP. The RRSP gross-up strategy is a simple strategy that can be a game-changer for you. It can enable you to easily contribute 40-70% more to your RRSP – every year. The…

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Live Q&A from Canadian Financial Summit 2022 

By Ed Rempel | January 19, 2023

In November 2022 I was a speaker at the Canadian Financial Summit. It is Canada’s #1 online financial summit. Kornel Szrejber who runs the event & the Build Wealth Canada podcast, did a Live Q&A with me for exclusive access pass holders. He gave me a link to this private event, so I could share with my clients and social media followers. Here are some of the questions that I answered during the Q&A: Ed

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How to Donate Effectively

By Ed Rempel | December 21, 2022

As we come upon the holiday season and the New Year, it’s a time to reflect on your life. You may be thinking – what difference can I make in the world? As a financial planner I talk a lot about money, however, it’s not really about the money itself, but what it does for your life – how to live well, retire comfortably, and give back. In my latest video, I give you some ideas to help you choose causes that matter to you, as well as talking about financial & tax planning for donating effectively. Watch to find out: I…

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How to Design Your Retirement Income: An Overview

By Ed Rempel | December 15, 2022

With so much advice on retirement, sometimes it’s hard to know what to do. How do you put all the details together to get the retirement income you want with the minimum lifetime tax? Quite a few people asked me questions about retirement income in response to my last video. In my latest video, you’re going to get an overview where you’ll learn the “Big Picture” thinking into designing your whole retirement income in one shot! This video is a “must watch” and one you may wish to re-watch many times, to understand the key concepts when it comes to this topic.…

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