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Top 10 Money Myths That Block Your Financial Freedom

By Ed Rempel | February 2, 2023

Top 10 Money Myths That Block Your Financial Freedom. This is one of my favourite topics. Most ideas that people believe about money are just not true or not optimal. My blog, Unconventional Wisdom, is about all the things I’ve learned over the years from my experience writing thousands of financial plans and reading hundreds of books. Mark Twain said it: “It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.“ In this week’s video I go in-depth on each myth and debunk them with facts about what works and what…

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Live Q&A from Canadian Financial Summit 2022 

By Ed Rempel | January 19, 2023

In November 2022 I was a speaker at the Canadian Financial Summit. It is Canada’s #1 online financial summit. Kornel Szrejber who runs the event & the Build Wealth Canada podcast, did a Live Q&A with me for exclusive access pass holders. He gave me a link to this private event, so I could share with my clients and social media followers. Here are some of the questions that I answered during the Q&A: Ed

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Top 17 Investment Strategies – Do They Work?

By Ed Rempel | January 5, 2023

There are many strategies and styles of investing. How do you sort through it all to set yourself up for success with good long-term rates of return?  In this week’s video I cover the Top 17 Investment Strategies, their history, and whether or not they actually work.  Watch to find out: I hope you enjoy it! Ed

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How Does a Financial Plan Help You?

By Ed Rempel | December 29, 2022

In this week’s video I’m interviewed by Kornel Szrejber, founder of the Build Wealth Canada podcast and website, and host of the Canadian Financial Summit. Kornel runs the #1 personal finance podcast in Canada & the Canadian Financial Summit. He has been getting advice from me for awhile when it comes to financial planning and tax-related questions. We focus on questions related to my practice, which I think you’ll find helpful, if you’re curious about working with a financial planner. Watch to find out: I hope you enjoy it! Ed

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How to Donate Effectively

By Ed Rempel | December 21, 2022

As we come upon the holiday season and the New Year, it’s a time to reflect on your life. You may be thinking – what difference can I make in the world? As a financial planner I talk a lot about money, however, it’s not really about the money itself, but what it does for your life – how to live well, retire comfortably, and give back. In my latest video, I give you some ideas to help you choose causes that matter to you, as well as talking about financial & tax planning for donating effectively. Watch to find out: I…

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How to Design Your Retirement Income: An Overview

By Ed Rempel | December 15, 2022

With so much advice on retirement, sometimes it’s hard to know what to do. How do you put all the details together to get the retirement income you want with the minimum lifetime tax? Quite a few people asked me questions about retirement income in response to my last video. In my latest video, you’re going to get an overview where you’ll learn the “Big Picture” thinking into designing your whole retirement income in one shot! This video is a “must watch” and one you may wish to re-watch many times, to understand the key concepts when it comes to this topic.…

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What Is the Highest Quality Financial Planning Advice?

By Ed Rempel | December 8, 2022

PART # 1 PART # 2 *Please Note: For some reason the video cut-off, so we have included the second half of the video in Part #2. How do you know you’re getting the highest quality financial planning advice? Last week I asked my social media followers and blog readers what financial topics you would like me to talk about, and we got an overwhelming number of responses – so thank you! We got a few questions about what is the highest quality financial planning advice and about our services and why we do them the way we do.  After working with…

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What Financial Question Is on Your Mind?

By Ed Rempel | December 1, 2022

What burning financial question is on your mind? What topic(s) would you like me to tackle next? I post a video or article on my blog, YouTube & my email list every Thursday and try to make it as relevant to you as I can. I am asking you now to find out what is most relevant for you. Let me tell you a bit about me and our practice, to help you get ideas of what you would like to ask. Many bloggers struggle with figuring out topics, but I have the opposite issue – too many topics. I have literally…

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How to Get Passive Income with Little or No Tax

By Ed Rempel | November 24, 2022

Can you really make money while you sleep with little or no tax? Covid changed most of our working habits, in that many people stayed home, while others felt the financial pinch of the pandemic. New paradigms arose, such as creating wealth, without work.  Passive income started becoming a conversation not just with people who invest, but with people thinking about retiring or who hadn’t even thought about making money this way before. In my latest video, I talk about all the ways to create passive income, and how to do it effectively & tax-efficiently. You’ll learn: I hope you enjoy it!…

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Does Borrowing to Invest Make Sense with High Interest Rates?

By Ed Rempel | November 17, 2022

Should you borrow to invest? With interest rates up 3.5% so far in 2022, you may be wondering if it still makes sense. Spoiled with low interest rates so low, leverage seemed so obvious with a credit line at 3% and tax-deductible. As a financial planner and expert on the Smith Manoeuvre strategy, and a proponent of investing in the stock market, my latest video will give you my insight. You’ll learn: I hope you enjoy it! Ed

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Gambling, Speculating, Saving & Investing. What’s the difference?

By Ed Rempel | November 10, 2022

How should you invest your money? If you don’t invest wisely, it will be hard to fund your future. There are always new areas you can put your money into, but are they worthwhile long-term? In my latest video, I look at all the possible areas to invest your money and fit them into 4 categories: gambling, speculating, saving, and investing. Knowing the expected return & risk for each will help you decide what’s right for you and your money. I specifically talk about: I hope you enjoy it! Ed

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Why Simple Investment Stats Don’t Give You Good Returns

By Ed Rempel | November 3, 2022

If you’re investing in equities, you may be using various investment data software like Morningstar. The problem? Investment data often gets misused. This is because you may be looking at short-term stats and ratings from only the last 1-5 years. It takes a lot of effort looking at investment stats, but most people who do this incorrectly, don’t get good returns.  In my latest video, you’ll learn how to look at long-term data and how to use investment data effectively. I hope you enjoy it! Ed P.S. In my video I mention an article by Warren Buffet called: “The Superinvestors of Graham-and-Doddsville“.…

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Invest a Lump Sum or Bit-by-Bit. Which Is Smarter?

By Ed Rempel | October 27, 2022

Invest a Lump Sum or Bit-by-Bit. Which Is Smarter? You have a lump sum of cash and you’re trying to figure out how to invest it. The stock market seems pretty turbulent at the moment, so you may be wondering if you should invest your lump sum all at once or bit-by-bit.  Maybe you got a big bonus, a lump sum from Smith Manoeuvre, or a large amount of money to invest. What to do? In my latest video, you’ll learn the pros and cons of both strategies, so you can decide what’s right for you. Discover dollar cost averaging (industry jargon…

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Gold Goes Down on Inflation. Why Doesn’t the Industry Know This?

By Ed Rempel | October 20, 2022

Gold goes down on inflation.  Why doesn’t the industry know this? This is one of the most common and wrong conventional wisdoms. The conventional wisdom is that Gold protects you from inflation, so if we have high inflation Gold should be up. It should maintain its value. The problem is – this isn’t true and hasn’t been true for decades. So why does the investment industry keep promoting this idea? In my latest video I give you details on why you may have been told to invest in Gold, and what I suggest instead. Watch to find out: How knowing about Gold…

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Why the Economy Is Not Relevant to Investing

By Ed Rempel | September 29, 2022

Right now everyone is talking about the world economy… High inflation. A looming recession. Interest rate hikes. So what do you do if you have money in the stock market? In my latest video, you’ll learn why the economy is not relevant to investing, and how it might be the best time to invest in stocks. The actual correlation between the economy and stock market. The stock market vs. GDP by country. Why the economy is NOT relevant to investing. How you should be thinking about stocks. Warren Buffet’s take on the stock market. Why it’s a good buying opportunity in the…

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Small Print “Gotcha” in Credit Card Interest (Hint It Can Be 20,000%)!

By Ed Rempel | September 15, 2022

You probably think credit card interest is pretty high. It can be far higher than you think! If you know someone who is struggling with credit card debt or your kids are just learning about finances, then this is the video to watch. Credit card debt is the single most common place where Canadians get stuck on, which can create havoc with your finances (and future). In my latest video you’ll learn: What is the small print “Gotcha” in credit card interest? Why credit card effective interest rates can be astronomical. How to eliminate credit card interest. Why you need an emergency…

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Smith Manoeuvre AFTER You Retire

By Ed Rempel | September 8, 2022

What do you do with the Smith Manoeuvre AFTER you retire? My latest video is for you if you already know the basics of the Smith Manoeuvre. You have been doing this strategy for awhile, you’ve converted your mortgage to tax deductible, and you’re thinking about retiring. You’ve got a big investment portfolio and this tax deductible credit line, what do you do now? Discover 5 strategies that we suggest to our clients, and how you can implement them to your advantage! What options do you have for the Smith Manoeuvre after you retire? The 3 options based on your risk tolerance…

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Are You Poor, Middle Class Or Wealthy?

By Ed Rempel | September 1, 2022

Are you poor, middle class or wealthy? After seeing the finances of thousands of people, I’ve noticed patterns to determine if someone is poor, middle class or wealthy. In this video you’ll learn where you fit along the spectrum of wealth, how each thinks and invests differently, and how you can become one of the wealthy! Here’s what I cover: Why wealth isn’t always a matter of income level. The definition of Net Worth. Do you classify as poor, middle class or wealthy? How each person saves, invests, and thinks about money. The mindsets of poor and wealthy people and how they…

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Smith Manoeuvre or Smith Maneuver?

By Ed Rempel | August 25, 2022

Why the two spellings and which is correct? This strategy (which I’m most known for), helps Canadian homeowners make their mortgages tax deductible in a simple way. What’s the proper spelling? Who pioneered this legal strategy? Does it work in Quebec? Can you use it if you live in the United States? All these questions you’ll get answered in my latest video. Watch it to find out: Why the Smith Manoeuvre is often misspelled. How the Smith Manoeuvre works in Quebec. The person who pioneered the Smith Manoeuvre. Learn about the history of the Smith Manoeuvre. Why I recommend this strategy to…

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How To Choose Your University Specialty

By Ed Rempel | August 18, 2022

If you or someone you know is in high school or about to apply to university, then this video is a must! After being a financial planner for over 28 years, I’ve seen the finances of thousands of Canadians, and the careers that pay the big bucks. In this video you’ll learn how to choose your university specialty, so that you get into a career that sets you up for success in life. Don’t waste your degree! Learn: Why it’s hard to choose a university specialty. Is a university degree worth the investment? How to avoid wasting your degree. 50+ career options…

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Why You Need A Growth Mindset

By Ed Rempel | August 11, 2022

If there is one video you should watch of mine – it’s this one. It is my underlying outlook on life and financial planning. This is the outlook that leads to financial success. In my latest YouTube video, you’ll learn about the differences between a fear-based mindset and a growth mindset, and how wealthy people look at the world. Watch it to find out: Why you need a growth mindset. How a growth mindset benefits you. How fear-based people mess themselves up financially. The risk of conservative investments in different retirement plans. What people with a growth mindset do. 7 key traits…

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Using Your Corporation As Your Retirement Fund

By Ed Rempel | August 4, 2022

Can you fund your retirement from your corporation? That’s the question I answer in my latest video specifically for business owners. This is part # 2 of the video I did last week, where I go deeper into tax-efficient investment strategies when owning a corporation. It may seem complicated (if you’re talking to your accountant), but this video breaks down basic and advanced principles, to make it easy for you to plan your retirement. Watch it to find out: Why you should invest inside your corporation. Is investing inside your corporation better than RRSP or TFSA? How investment income is taxed in…

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Your Corporation – What You Need To Know (If You Don’t Understand Your Accountant)

By Ed Rempel | July 28, 2022

Do you own a business? If yes, then you’ll love my latest video. I cover the few things that you really need to know about corporations. You’ll learn: When should you incorporate. If you should get a holding company. Whether you should pay yourself a salary or dividend. Common mistakes by business owners. If you should invest in a corporation, RRSP or TFSA. I hope you enjoy it! Ed

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5 Best Ideas To Optimize The Smith Manoeuvre

By Ed Rempel | July 21, 2022

Is your mortgage tax deductible? You know the basics about the Smith Manoeuvre. This video is about the practical issues you may run into and how to maximize the benefits. We are Canada’s Smith Manoeuvre experts and have helped thousands of families implement it. Many “Smith Manoeuvre experts” just offer you a mortgage and leave you to implement it. We are the fee-for-service financial planners that implement it and work with you over the years. We know from experience exactly how to maximize the benefits: Why do the Smith Manoeuvre? Do it for the right reason. Comparisons of people’s retirement plan with…

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