Live Q&A from Canadian Financial Summit

By Ed Rempel | December 1, 2021

I expected questions on my 2 talks at the Canadian Financial Summit a month ago. I was surpised to get questions on many topics, including: How to setup a tax-efficient retirement income. The truth you need to hear about why the investment industry forces you to invest in bonds. Bonds – a horrible place to park your money. Tax-efficent investing. Millionaires in poverty. The amazing FIRE comunity. Why I invest with All Star Fund Managers. Interviews with Kornel, Canada’s #1 financial blogger, are always fun! Ed

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How to Avoid Falling Victim to Lifestyle Inflation

By Ed Rempel | October 10, 2020   What is lifestyle inflation? Lifestyle inflation (or lifestyle creep) is the tendency to increase expenses as earning increases. If a person gets a raise of a few thousand dollars, that person increases their expenses by a similar amount and thus never has an opportunity to save money for retirement or other financial goals. How do you avoid falling victim to lifestyle creep? (Blog) How do you avoid falling victim to lifestyle creep? (Video) How do you avoid falling victim to lifestyle creep? (Podcast)   Ed

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Creating the GPS to Financial Freedom (Video from “4 Pillars of Entrepreneurship Summit”)

By Ed Rempel | March 22, 2020

Excellent video that summarizes our practice. It’s worth your time to understand: The profound change in your life a Financial Plan can give you. How Unconventional Wisdom creates very different and far more effective advice for you. I was recently interviewed for the 4 Pillars of Entrepreneurship Summit, an online summit of entrepreneurs talking about their experiences. The organizer is Annie Hardock, co-author of the book “Awakenings: Stories of Growth, Healing and Magical Transformations” and founder of United Networks for Growth (2020). Here is my talk: Creating the GPS to Financial Freedom   Ed

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Your FREE tickets to Canada’s top online financial conference – Canadian Financial Summit (online)

By Ed Rempel | September 8, 2019

It’s back! Join me and 25+ top financial experts, journalists and bloggers for 3 days of online educational videos you can watch in your PJs. It’s 100% online so you can stream all the talks right from your computer/tablet/phone. The Summit is on September 26-28. You can get FREE tickets, a list of speakers, and scroll down to see the schedule and topics for each speaker here: FREE tickets to Canadian Financial Summit (online) Feel free to forward this to your friends to give them FREE passes. Last year, more than 15,000 Canadians attended. Together the All Star Speakers have authored more than 100 personal…

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The 6 Best Strategies to Minimize Tax on Your Retirement Income (Video of MoneyShow talk)

By Ed Rempel | October 8, 2018

I am pleased to announce that the MoneyShow has posted the video of my talk. Many people have asked me where they can see it again. These are not just tax tips. These are the 6 big strategies to save you thousands in tax throughout your retirement. This talk was based on an article, which you can read here: The 6 Best Strategies to Minimize Tax on Your Retirement Income (Article) Here is a bit about it. You will have a lot more tax saving opportunities after you retire than before. If you get a salary, you may have limited tax deductions…

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Financial Security Comes from a Huge Nest Egg (Video)

By Ed Rempel | October 31, 2012

Financial security comes from a huge nest egg

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