Unconventional Wisdom Podcast with Ed Rempel

Welcome to the Unconventional Wisdom podcast with Ed Rempel. The show about the most effective methods to achieve financial security & freedom. Find out what really works. Insights are based on in-depth experience - from a fee-for-service financial planner, tax accountant, Canada’s #1 financial planner blogger & your host, Ed Rempel.

This podcast is about achieving financial freedom & security in real life. It’s often very different from what most people talk about. Few financial planners actually write detailed Financial Plans. I have written more than 1,000 professional, custom Financial Plans, and worked with many clients to achieve their life goals. You can listen to everyone else – and then come here to find out what works in real life. Unconventional wisdom – based on experience.

This show has unconventional wisdom insights on many topics. Some of my favourite topics are:

  • How to set & achieve your financial goals and achieve what you really want in life.
  • FIRE – How to achieve financial independence & retire early.
  • The outlook & attitude you need for financial success.
  • Many topics on how you can minimize tax over your lifetime.
  • Effective strategies that can be a huge benefit for you, such as the Smith Manoeuvre, Rempel Maximum, Lifecycle Investing, RRSP Top-ups, RRSP Catch-up Strategy & the 8-year GIS Strategy.
  • How to set up a reliable retirement income with the least tax & most government benefits.
  • How to invest for returns above the indexes.
  • How to easily outperform investment advisors & robo-advisors.
  • Money myths that block your financial freedom.
  • Any interesting financial planning topic. I take requests.

I sometimes refer to a chart or image. Don’t worry. All the important details are on the podcast. If you want to see the chart, it’s on my YouTube channel in the video with the same name.

“Unconventional Wisdom Podcast with Ed Rempel” is live here and on 27 other podcast hosts.

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