Creating the GPS to Financial Freedom (Video from “4 Pillars of Entrepreneurship Summit”)

Excellent video that summarizes our practice.

It’s worth your time to understand:

  • The profound change in your life a Financial Plan can give you.
  • How Unconventional Wisdom creates very different and far more effective advice for you.

I was recently interviewed for the 4 Pillars of Entrepreneurship Summit, an online summit of entrepreneurs talking about their experiences.

The organizer is Annie Hardock, co-author of the book “Awakenings: Stories of Growth, Healing and Magical Transformations” and founder of United Networks for Growth (2020).

Here is my talk:

Creating the GPS to Financial Freedom



Planning With Ed


Ed Rempel has helped thousands of Canadians become financially secure. He is a fee-for-service financial planner, tax  accountant, expert in many tax & investment strategies, and a popular and passionate blogger.

Ed has a unique understanding of how to be successful financially based on extensive real-life experience, having written nearly 1,000 comprehensive personal financial plans.

The “Planning with Ed” experience is about your life, not just money. Your Financial Plan is the GPS for your life.

Get your plan! Become financially secure and free to live the life you want.

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    Very good to know about that. Really feeling very good.

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